Neue Eventmesse schon vor erstem Stattfinden pleite

Future of Events ist bankrott

Die neue Eventmesse Future of Events, die Ende August 2016 in Amsterdam stattfinden sollte, ist rund einen Monat vor ihrem ersten stattfinden Pleite. CEO Steven Wickel verkündete soeben via E-Mail, dass die Messe aufgrund zu geringer Ticketverkäufe Insolvenz anmelden müsse. Dies sei eine ökonomische Entscheidung. Die Future of Events findet damit nicht statt.

Ein Insolvenzverwalter werde ab Ende nächster Woche alle Geschäfte abwickeln. Wörtlich schrieb Steven Wickel folgendes:


Future of Events Websiten-Screenshot
(Bild: Future of Events)

Dear All,


As a valuable partner, I need to update you on the status of Future of Events. Despite extensive social media promotions, a weekly growing visitor rates on our website, the best line-up of industry speakers, contributors and top exhibitors, I see very low tickets sales.


This low number of attendees forces me to make an economic decision and cancel Future of Events Amsterdam.


I am aware this message must come suddenly and I guarantee, we have gone above and beyond to make the event successful.

I share your disappointment and will encourage and support all members of the team in their next steps.

It has been a privilege to work with this team and you as our partner.


Presently, Future of Events will file for bankruptcy. By Dutch law this means that a curator will be appointed by a Dutch Court of Justice, to dismantle all obligations of Future of Events.

The correspondence address of the curator will be published on the website of Future of Events by the end of next week.

Therefore, and with regret, I can only wish everybody success in the future.


We thank you for your trust and support.


Kind regards,

Steven Wickel

Founder & CEO

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